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Top 5 địa điểm phượt Ninh Bình nổi tiếng


Ninh Binh not only attracts tourists because of its rich history, majestic nature such as charming landscape paintings, unique culinary experiences, but also because there are many check-in corners for you to enjoy. photography lake. So, what are you waiting for without immediately consulting the Ninh Binh travel destination for your upcoming trip?

What is the most beautiful season to travel to Ninh Binh?


Before determining Ninh Binh travel destination If you should go, then you need to choose a reasonable travel time for yourself. Because each season in Ninh Binh has scenes and places that you cannot ignore.


Spring in Ninh Binh is from January to March of the lunar calendar. The weather in spring is very gentle with the cold or so you can comfortably walk around and visit. In particular, this is the time when many of the biggest festivals of the year take place such as Bai Dinh Pagoda festival, Thai Vi temple festival, Hoa Lu ancient capital’s traditional festival, etc.


April and May is the time when the weather changes between spring and summer, so it seems that the ideal weather of the previous months remains the same. If you want to admire the blooming lotus ponds or the brilliant Tam Coc golden season in the ripe rice season, you must definitely travel to Ninh Binh during the end of May and the beginning of June.


Autumn in Ninh Binh lasts from July to October. At this time, the hot summer sun has disappeared to make way for the gentle early autumn winds. Traveling to Ninh Binh in July is also an opportunity for you to admire an area of ​​water lilies blooming on the water. Traveling by canoes on the Sao Khe river, gently turning the water into the mysterious cave complex is no different from a charming feng shui picture.


Experiencing the typical cold of the North is also an interesting thing that many people choose when traveling to Ninh Binh. In return, you will have the opportunity to check in at the fields of reeds in full bloom, covering the whole Trang An area, Hoa Lu cave or Bai Dinh pagoda area.

Transportation to Ninh Binh from Ho Chi Minh City


Plan Ninh Binh travel destination Don’t forget to choose the transportation option to save time on your schedule.


If you often suffer from motion sickness or do not want to move for a long time, then flying will be the right choice for you. You can choose to fly from Tan Son Nhat airport (HCMC) to Noi Bai airport (Hanoi) or Tho Xuan airport (Thanh Hoa) and then take a bus from these airports to Ninh Binh.

Ho Chi Minh City – Hanoi – Ninh Binh

The average price of an air ticket from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi is from 1,400,000 to 2,450,000 VND/round-trip ticket. Flight time is about 2h10′. From Noi Bai airport to Ninh Binh is 127km long, you can take bus, taxi, rent motorbike, car to move.

Ho Chi Minh City – Thanh Hoa – Ninh Binh

Airfare from Ho Chi Minh City to Thanh Hoa is about 1,500,000 – 2,150,000 VND/ round trip ticket. Flight time is 2 hours. The distance from Tho Xuan airport to Ninh Binh is about 90km long, you can take passenger cars, taxis, rent motorbikes, cars to move.


Traveling to Ninh Binh from Ho Chi Minh City by train is also an interesting experience. Just pick up your backpack, sit in the car and watch the idyllic and beautiful scenery drift through the window. If you know how to “angle the corner”, you will always have beautiful photos on the train before you get there.

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You book tickets at Saigon Railway Station to Ninh Binh Station. Travel time is about 30 hours.


Traveling by bus with a distance of more than 1000km is quite difficult. But if you have good health, don’t get car sick and like to experience, traveling to Ninh Binh from Ho Chi Minh City by bus is also an interesting experience.

The time by bus from Saigon to Ninh Binh is about 32-40 hours, the average price is from 650,000 to 800,000 VND/time.

Car or motorbike

If you are a genuine backpacker, you will definitely not hesitate to go to the Ninh Binh travel destination by car or motorbike. However, make sure that your steering wheel is steady enough and your health is good enough to overcome this distance.

Hotels, motels and homestays in Ninh Binh

Around the Ninh Binh travel destination Famous has a lot of places to stay, from hotels, resorts to motels for you to choose from. Depending on the quality, hotels and resorts will have different prices, while motels have an average price of 250,000-500,000 VND/room.

If you are a fan of virtual living, do not miss the following picturesque Ninh Binh homestays.

1. Trang An Valley Bungalow

location in Ninh Binh (2).jpg

Located right at the foot of Trang An valley mountain with majestic natural scenery and mountains, Trang An Valley Bungalow not only has charming river and mountain views but also very comfortable.

Coming here, you will experience very unique local cuisine, along with outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming, BBQ party, …

Address: Truong An Hamlet, Truong Yen, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh.

2. Chezbeo Homestay

For those who love natural space and charming mountain scenery, Chezbeo Homestay is definitely the perfect choice for you. The main material of the homestay is bamboo and wood, giving travelers a feeling of peace and lightness like being immersed in nature, heaven and earth.

In the lotus season, Chezbeo Homestay also surprises visitors by the lotus-shaded lake.

Address: Kha Luong village, Ninh Thang commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province.

3. Ninh Binh Valley Homestay


From a distance, Ninh Binh Valley Homestay is silhouetted against the calm lake surface like a picture of a beautiful village in the middle of the mountains. Don’t miss the spectacular sunrise and sunset every day. You will surely take a lot of beautiful pictures here and there.

Address: Dong Cung, Khe Ha Village, Ninh Xuan Commune, Hoa Lu District.

The place to go to Ninh Binh

So we have just planned the time to stay when traveling to Ninh Binh. Now let’s discover the Ninh Binh travel destination Most loved by many!

1. Location of Ninh Binh – Trang An backpacking

What does Trang An have?

  • 48 Transcendental Caves
  • 31 clear blue rivers
  • Tran Temple, Trinh Temple – the most ancient temples in Trang An
  • Kong film studio – this place is already too hot so everyone knows it
  • The specialties seem to be everywhere, but nowhere is as delicious as Trang An

Entrance ticket price:

  • Adults: 200,000 VND/person
  • Children under 140cm: 100,000 VND/person
  • Tour guide: 300,000 VND/tour

This ticket price includes a boat ticket to visit Trang An by waterway on the Dong Ngo River. Each boat is about 4-5 people and the sightseeing journey is about 3-4 hours. You should go at about 8 am, at this time there are not many tourists, so taking pictures will be more beautiful.

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2. Ninh Binh travel destination-Bai Dinh Temple

Location: Ninh Binh

Bai Dinh Pagoda is also one of the Ninh Binh travel destination can not be ignored. The pagoda has an area of ​​​​539 hectares, including 27 hectares of the old Bai Dinh pagoda area, 80 hectares of the new Bai Dinh pagoda area. This place is honored to welcome thousands of Buddhists on pilgrimage every year.

Costs to estimate when visiting Bai Dinh pagoda:

  • Motorbike parking fee: 15,000 VND/car
  • Fee for taking the tram to the temple: 30,000 VND / time, 60,000 VND / 2 times (because the temple is very large, not everyone can walk in)
  • Guide fee: 200,000 VND/tour
  • Sugarcane juice: 10,000 VND in front of the temple, only 5,000 VND inside the temple

Attractions near Bai Dinh Pagoda:

  • Light cave, dark cave
  • Temple of Saint Nguyen
  • Well of jade

3. Dance Cave

Location: Ninh Binh

Hang Mua is Ninh Binh travel destination loved by many domestic and international tourists. Looking down from above, Hang Mua is shaped like an upside down bell. Looking up from the foot of the mountain, you can see countless number of stone steps leading to the top of the mountain. The two sides of the stairs are carved figures bearing bold ancient culture of Vietnam in the past.

You should come here in the morning before 6 am, or in the late afternoon if you want to take pictures. Because at this time, the number of tourists coming here is still sparse.

Note when visiting Mua Cave:

  • If you go straight to the gate, you will be able to park the car for free, do not listen to outside invitations with the parking price of 10,000 VND/car.
  • Entrance ticket: 100,000 VND/person

4. Bich Dong

Bich Dong Pagoda is one of the famous scenic spots of the ancient capital, once known as “Nam Thien De Nhi Dong” (the second most beautiful cave in the South after Huong Tich cave in Hanoi). After nearly 600 years of existence, this is a place to store many historical and cultural values, recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural and natural heritage.

Note when visiting Bich Dong:

  • Parking: 10,000 VND / car near the gate of the temple
  • If you don’t want to have to walk a long distance, don’t park your car too far from the temple

Attractions near Bich Dong Pagoda:

  • Tam Coc Pagoda
  • Tam Coc
  • Thai Vi Temple
  • Ancient Viet Village
  • Thien Huong Cave

5. Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

Mentioned Ninh Binh travel destination Don’t forget the ancient capital of Hoa Lu. This place is known as a relic complex with outstanding architecture remaining. Hoa Lu ancient capital is a living witness for more than 1000 years with the ups and downs of history from the Dinh – Le dynasties.

Notes when visiting Hoa Lu Ancient Capital:

  • Parking: 10,000 VND/car
  • Entrance ticket: 20,000 VND/person

6. Other locations

Next to the Ninh Binh travel destination Above, there are many other places for you to explore in Ninh Binh. Try checking out places like Am Tien, Thung Nham Bird Park, Cuc Phuong National Park, etc.

Suggested itinerary for Ninh Binh 2 days 1 night

After determining the Ninh Binh travel destination will come, you need to have a specific travel schedule to save time and effort for everyone. Please refer to the suggested itinerary for Ninh Binh 2 days 1 night trip below.

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Day 1

  • Morning: Visit the Dance Cave
  • Noon: Rest, enjoy Ninh Binh specialties
  • Afternoon: Explore Tam Coc – Bich Dong
  • Evening: Walking around, sightseeing

Day 2

  • Morning: Visit Trang An tourist area
  • Noon: Rest, enjoy Ninh Binh specialties
  • Screening: Explore Am Tien Cave and Hoa Lu Ancient Capital
  • Evening: Depart for Ho Chi Minh City

Where to travel in Ninh Binh – What to eat in Ninh Binh?

Besides the Ninh Binh travel destination Then you should also immediately note the following dishes for an unforgettable culinary experience.

1. Mountain goat meat

Location: Ninh Binh

Coming to Ninh Binh without enjoying goat meat is considered an incomplete trip. Goat meat here is very fragrant, sweet and firm, and low in fat, so it is attractive to be processed into any dish. Find out about the restaurants in your area to enjoy the best mountain goat dishes.

2. Grape wine

Location: Ninh Binh

Can wine Nho Quan is a naturally fermented, undistilled wine. The main ingredient of the wine is ebony bark, which is pureed with galangal, ginger, guava leaves, etc. To create a sweet, aromatic flavor that is easy to recognize.

3. Gia Vien shrimp paste

To make the typical flavor of this dish, people have to go to Gia Vien lowland to catch the fat shrimp. Shrimp sauce eaten with rice or vegetables is very tasty.

4. Ninh Binh goat roll

Goat meat is fragrant, low in fat, when processed into spring rolls, it has a very strange taste. You can use it to “raise” or buy it as a gift.

5. Nho Quan mountain snail

This type of snail usually lives in caves and usually only appears in the rainy season from April to August. The snail meat is big, sweet, fragrant and precious, so everyone wants to enjoy it once when traveling to Ninh Binh.

6. Sticky rice with ant eggs

Location: Ninh Binh

Sticky rice with ant eggs is a strange dish to many people because it usually only appears in the high mountainous areas of the North. As the name itself suggests, this sticky rice dish is made from the eggs of brown ants, which live a lot in the limestone area of ​​Nho Quan district. The ant egg season is very short, only in the 2nd month of the lunar calendar, so don’t forget to enjoy it as soon as you have the opportunity to travel to Ninh Binh.

7. Fish salad

People start catching frogfish in the rainy season, especially in February. This fish can be processed in many ways, but the fish hotpot is the most popular.

After the fish is caught, it is carefully processed with lime water and ash to clean the slime and not be fishy. The cup of dipping sauce is mixed with ginger, garlic, chili, pepper, and lemongrass along with crushed fish bones. When eating, roll the salad with sesame rice cakes, fish lettuce, smell of ships, cloves, apricot leaves, … creating an extremely attractive flavor.

Hoping for suggestions from Tintapchi about Ninh Binh travel destination The above will help you have a perfect trip!

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