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A good night’s sleep It is a daily tonic that not only helps the body regain energy after a long day of work, but also really gives the body time to effectively detox. However, many people Improper sleep makes the body more tired and anxious. The general article below will help you have an overview to have a proper, scientific sleep

The wrong way to sleep is the cause of your fatigue

After drinking alcohol, more or less will feel a little uncomfortable. At this point, most people will tell you: Drink alcohol, sleep will be good. However, After drinking, you fall asleep and risk suffocation. Because people who are drunk are prone to vomiting, mental retardation, pharyngeal reflexes and relatively slow swallowing movements. If you lie on your back or stomach, vomit can be difficult to get out, which can make breathing difficult. Patients can develop pneumonia, and severe cases can cause choking and life-threatening airway obstruction.

So, if a drunk person is still conscious, remember to choose to lie on their side, this is a safe sleeping position after drinking alcohol. If the drunk person is unconscious, the family member should do this: Untie the drunk person’s tie or button, try to put the patient on his side, observe for abnormal behavior, if there is a dangerous situation such as coma, suffocation, should go to the hospital for timely treatment.

  • When I sleep, I often snore

Sleeping and snoring can pose many health hazards. The reason why people snore is because the airways are narrow or blocked during sleep, and breathing is not normal. Irregular breathing will lead to the body in a state of lack of oxygen, mildly increasing blood pressure, severe will appear apnea leading to stroke, sudden death. However, not everyone who snores will be in danger.

If sometimes due to drinking, fatigue leads to snoring, the tone is uniform – this type of snoring is “plain snoring”. It does not affect sleep or pose a health hazard. However, there is a situation that needs attention, it can be sleep apnea syndrome, there is a risk of suffocation with the manifestation of snoring for a long time, the snoring tone is high and low, lasting from tens of thousands of years. seconds to minutes, or after waking up during the day with a dry, tired mouth.

If you tend to snore while sleeping, you should avoid lying on your back. In this position, the tongue and soft palate are pushed back into the throat, causing narrowing of the airways. You should choose your pillow carefully. Pillows that are too soft can make snoring worse. Use an extra pillow or raise the head of the bed a few inches to prevent your tongue from slipping into your airway.

  • Sleeping in an air-conditioned car

For many people, besides the bed, the car is also a good place to sleep. In summer, the air conditioner is turned on and in winter the heating system is also turned on. However, this is often the source of tragedy.

When the air conditioner is on for a long time, the air inside and outside the car cannot be convection, especially when the car is stopped, the air conditioner can continue to work, so that carbon monoxide is emitted from the engine. can be rolled into the vehicle. When everyone rest and sleep in the car for a long time, oxygen is consumed excessively, and very susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning.

sleep in the car
Do not sleep in the car, because the air conditioner has substances that make you comatose

Seeing this, you should understand that the culprit is “carbon monoxide.” Because it is colorless, tasteless and odorless, after inhalation the patient often loses consciousness and, even when some severe symptoms appear, for unknown reasons, continues to be in an environment with high concentrations of carbon monoxide. until death.

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Therefore, when driving, you should open the car window, turn on the air conditioner in the car, and also open a little gap in the window. When stopping the car, do not close the door and open the air conditioner for a long time to sleep in the car, especially the elderly, young children and people with weak bodies need attention.

Covering the whole body while sleeping is for many people just a habit or a way to avoid noise and light. However, few people know that this seemingly normal habit is dangerous to health, especially the brain. Some studies show that 23% of people who sleep with their heads covered have dementia due to obstructed airflow through the mouth and nose.

Besides, sleeping with a blanket can cause suffocation at any time. People with sleep problems that often experience sleep apnea, asthma, and heart disease are at a higher risk of suffocation. If you are drunk or fast asleep, you may not be able to pull the blanket off your face. Also, if the blanket is too thick, there won’t be enough air for you to breathe. Although the risk of suffocation is very small, every year many people die because of the habit of sleeping with a blanket over their heads.

In addition, daily-use blankets are not always washed regularly, so they can accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria. Covering the blanket means that you also breathe bacteria into your body, causing bad health consequences.

The amount of sleep varies significantly in each person’s lifei, depending on age, activity level and lifestyle. During times of stress or illness, many people need more sleep.

However, experts recommend that for whatever reason, adults should only get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Sleeping more than this time, the body is likely to be disturbed, which will gradually lead to a state of wanting to sleep more, extreme sleepiness, even after taking a nap.

Too much sleep makes the body tired, lowers energy and has been linked to problems with memory loss. In addition, when people sleep a lot, the respiratory system is blocked, leading to an increased need for sleep, disrupting the normal sleep cycle. Other causes come from the use of alcohol or tranquilizers… also make the body sleep more, which is harmful to health.

Before sleeping, some people often have the habit of tying their hair up to avoid making their hair fall out in front of their face. However, if you tie your hair too tight on the top of the head, the scalp will be stretched, causing pain if kept for a long time all night. If you have a low bun, it will affect the cervical vertebrae and make you feel sore the next morning.

Therefore, relax your hair when you sleep or braid your hair to the sides, but pay attention to loose braids to limit headaches after waking up.

  • Wear a bra and let your hair get wet when you sleep

A hospital in the US surveyed 5,000 women and found that women who wore a bra to sleep were 2.1 times more likely to develop breast cancer than those who did not. This can be the result of long-term chest compression, blockage of lymphatic drainage, and retention of harmful substances in the chest area.

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After shampooing, if you do not dry your hair, a large amount of water remains on the surface of the scalp, especially in winter when the temperature is low, sleeping with wet hair will make the body sick. In the worst case, you will feel numbness in the scalp, accompanied by a dull pain. The next morning, there will be unexplained headaches or dizziness.

  • Using electronic devices before going to bed

Surfing facebook, chatting, reading newspapers… on smartphones seems to have become a habit of many people before going to sleep at night. Computers and phones are now indispensable devices for many people. However, it is the time using electronic devices too much that has caused many diseases for young people such as vision loss, cervical spondylosis, thumb syndrome, depression, and cerebral ischemia. Therefore, if you do not want to bring all kinds of diseases to your body when you are young, you should minimize the time you spend using computers and phones. In particular, between hours of use should also give the body a few minutes to relax to protect better health.

Not to mention, we often have the habit of lying on the left or right side, which will quickly cause the vision of the two eyes to be different due to the pressure from the screen light. Lying on your stomach for a long time will make it difficult for blood circulation in the brain and hands.

Therefore, we should limit the use of electronic devices, especially before going to bed and in poor light conditions.

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Both the quality of your nightly rest and your overall health are directly dependent on your sleeping position and on what you do before bed. So if you already have the wrong sleeping habits plus sleeping in the wrong position, can you ensure the two factors above? And to fix the consequences, what do you need to do?

  • Sleeping in the wrong position causes shoulder pain

If you wake up with a sore shoulder, you must have slept in the wrong position. You should avoid sleeping on your side, especially not on your arms. Also, do not sleep on your stomach because it can cause dislocation of the shoulder joint.

Do not put your hands under your head while sleeping because it will numb the hands. Should keep the hand next to the face, or the arm placed perpendicular to the body.

  • Sleeping in the wrong position causes back pain

If you feel back pain after waking up, you need to pay attention to maintaining the normal curves of the spine. If your mattress is too soft, you should think about replacing it with a new, firmer mattress.

The best sleeping position is still lying on your back. Place a pillow under your knee to help restore the natural curve of your spine and relieve stress on your tendons.

  • Sleeping in the wrong position causes neck pain

Usually, sleeping on your back with a pillow under your head and under your arms is the best position. However, those who have problems with the neck area should be careful in choosing pillows. It is best to be an orthopedic pillow or a small hug pillow.

If you’re a side sleeper, make sure your pillow isn’t too high. It should not be more than 15cm thick. Ideally, the height of the pillow should correspond to the width of one shoulder (from the neck to the top of the shoulder) to keep the neck in place.

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If you’re a stomach-sleeper, use the thinnest pillow you have. However, you still should not sleep in this position because lying all night with one side will hurt and strain your neck when you wake up.

Sleep is really important and everyone needs 7-8 hours of sleep every day to ensure the body is restored and always in the best state. But the reality shows that a lot of people are not having a really good sleep, which can waste your time, waste energy and damage your health. Here are a few healthy habits that anyone should establish and adopt for a properly productive sleep.

delicious jam
A good night’s sleep helps you feel refreshed and increases your work efficiency the next day
  • Maintain a quiet mind before going to bed, you can practice some relaxation movements, such as meditation, belly breathing, etc. Never think about anything while lying in bed, if you have one. Things to think about, you should write a plan to do first, you can arrange tomorrow’s tasks first before going to bed. Remember that if there are many concerns will interfere with sleep and lead to insomnia.

  • Do not force yourself to sleep while lying in bed. Sleep is a natural thing, trying to force yourself to sleep can only put you to sleep. Get out of the bedroom and do some activity you enjoy, like reading.

  • Getting into the habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time each day can help you set your own ‘circadian clock’.

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend in bed without sleep, such as looking at your phone and using other electronic devices.

  • Don’t nap or sleep during the day too much. Sleeping too much during the day will make it difficult to sleep at night. People who do not have insomnia should also not nap or nap during the day for more than 30 minutes.

  • Regular exercise combined with a balanced diet

  • Exercise helps ease sleep problems and can help you sleep more deeply. Each person should build a regular exercise routine and do not exercise within 3 hours before going to bed.

  • Never go to bed on an empty stomach, because being hungry can affect the quality of your sleep. Before going to bed, you should eat a little snack such as cake, breakfast, milk … can help you fall asleep more easily, however, you should avoid eating foods that are greasy and difficult to digest.

  • Alcohol can promote sleep, but it can easily lead to wakefulness and dehydration, which in turn can worsen insomnia.

  • To avoid peeing at night and waking up constantly to go to the toilet, you should avoid drinking too much before going to bed. Elderly people should not drink more than 500ml (all kinds of water) after meals. Besides, the habit of smoking, drinking tea or coffee also disturbs your sleep. Get rid of such sleep-damaging habits immediately.

Getting enough sleep, sleeping well and sleeping properly is very good for the health of each of us. If you don’t know how to take care and protect yourself through sleep, your body will wear out and won’t last over the years. Hope the above information will help you be more proactive to create a good habit before going to bed to ensure a great sleep!


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